Dreams of Damanhur

Dreams of Damanhur

The Federation

The  Damanhur Federation of Communities is a collection of communities and eco-villages dedicated to the advancement of social, spiritual, and artistic development.  It has it's own constitution, social and political structure, schools and monetary system.  Damanhurians live in group houses, called nucleos.  Each nucleo has specific skills and specialties that contribute to the whole.  Damanhur has many industries and businesses, creating an economic engine that supports their society and contributes to the villages and communities that surround them.  They strive to create a self sufficient and ecologically sustainable lifestyle that contributes to, and encourages, global health and well being.  They even have an emergency response team that travels to sites around Italy, and worldwide, giving aid and comfort to victims of disaster.

Founded in 1975 by a group of Italian visionaries led by Oberto Airaudi, Damanhur is located in the Piedmont region of northwestern Italy, 52 kilometers (32 miles) north of Torino.  Their many nucleos, farms and facilities are spread throughout the beautiful Valchiusella and the Alto Canavese area and collectively cover an area of 500 hectares (2 square miles).  There are now over 1,000 citizens at Damanhur, and many thousands of associates worldwide.

Following their philosophy of sustainable self sufficiency, Damanhur has many farms and food processing facilities where they produce vegetables, wine, cheese, olive oil and meat for their own consumption and for sale in their various businesses.  Damanhurians also produce much of their own energy through the use of solar panels and highly efficient wood burning furnaces.

Their scientists and inventors have done significant research and have developed numerous patented devices and procedures that are used in the medical, energy, scientific and spiritual fields.  Their studies and experimentation in time travel, communication with aliens, and quantum physics have made Damanhur one of the foremost authorities in paranormal and metaphysical research.

Although the accomplishments of the citizens of Damanhur are too numerous to mention here, their most visible and awe inspiring achievement is the building of the amazing, subterranean Temples of Humankind.